About Jeff

In case you’ve never come across my MMA fights or my mixed martial arts blog (www.jeffjoslinmma.com) please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Jeff Joslin and I’m the creator of the internationally popular MMA Quick Start Program that is your complete guide to starting MMA training in a excellent way.

I’ve fought professionally for many years (in the UFC, Apex, Freedom Fight and a number of other organizations) against some of the top fighters in the world.

Here are some of the Highlights From my Pro MMA Career…

Unfortunately, after signing a three-fight deal with the UFC and having a great first fight in the organization versus Josh Koscheck, my career was cut-short by post concussion syndrome which was brought on by a training injury and a lifetime of contact sports. With my wife and kids to think about I decided –one of the toughest choices I’ve ever had to make– to stop fighting, and focus my efforts solely on coaching. I am very excited to help others achieve their own personal mixed martial arts goals whether that be to get into great shape, to gain confidence or to become a world champion in the sport.

I feel extremely fortunate to have spent the last 20 years teaching martial arts to those looking to learn. It’s been the only job I’ve ever had to have thanks to my dad who was a three time Canadian Kickboxing Champ and founder of our martial arts school that opened up way back in the 1960’s. I began teaching full time for him during my late teenage years. It’s been a great life!