Drop Your  Opponent's Quickly!

With Well Placed,  Perfectly Timed, Effortlessly Powerful Body Shots...

Rise Above The Competition...

Most people are headhunters! Throwing good body shots in sparring/competition will take your game to another level. You will be more dangerous, less predictable and a tougher adversary immediately.

Coach Jeff Joslin Landing a Big Body Shot on Jon Fitch

Master the Techniques in this 25-Video Workshop and Your Sparring Partners/Opponents will be in Trouble!

  • Tire Your Opponent

    A well placed technically sound body shot will sap your opponent’s energy immediately. Land 2 or 3 of them and gain a huge advantage in both training and competition.

  • Follow-Ups are Vital!

    The moment a solid body shot lands, you’ll have a fantastic opportunity to land extra shots. The key is to have the follow up shots programmed into your mind/body so that you make the next attack immediately. This workshop will teach you some great follow-ups to the body shot.

  • Disguising Your Intent to Smash the Body...

    Most people stop throwing body shots because every time they try to they get smashed with a counter strike. The key to effectively landing body shots while staying safe is entering with another punch first and keeping your head slightly off the line of fire once you’re inside punching range. Jeff shares some simple and effective ways to avoid getting hit while you work the body.

  • Develop Effortless Power!

    Details are Crucial! Great technical detail will allow you to rip the body with extremely hard punches that take very little effort to throw. You’ll become addicted to the feeling of punching hard will minimal effort. It’s an awesome feeling!

  • Conditioning with Body Shots on the Heavy Bag.

    You’ll learn a simple and effective heavy bag drill that’ll make you a machine with the body shot. Great for conditioning, muscle memory and mental toughness. The “Body Shot Punchout” Drill is one of Jeff’s favourite drills to do on a heavy bag.

  • Have Both Hands Ready to Fire!

    In this workshop Jeff teaches you how to throw huge body shots with both hands! In fact you may find that your non-dominant side body shot will become more powerful than your strong arm side. It’s a huge asset to be able to drop your opponent with either of your hands!

The Entire 25-Video "Body Shots" Training Workshop is your today for only...


Please Note: This is a multimedia program. You will NOT receive a physical package shipped to you in the mail. The 25 Technique Videos can be watched online anytime via stream (internet connection required). This program is NOT available in stores - you can only access it through this website.

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