You ready to start learning some MMA?

Let’s waste no time and get right to it!

I invite you to try a lesson from my MMA QuickStart training program completely free of charge. It’ll give you a feel for the program, a chance to check out some of the 100+ video techniques that make up the 12 week (18 different lessons) program as well as spending a few rounds shadow fighting with me talking in your ear :).

First off CLICK HERE (right click “save as”) to download the FREE LESSON version of the ┬áMMA QuickStart Training Manual that contains many training tips, program info as well as your 1-hour lesson layout. Start by reading through that first (it’ll be quick) because it will explain the lesson plan layout so you’ll know how to implement the videos and audio files (posted on this page) into your MMA workout.

Next download the “Shadowfighting with Jeff” Mp3 File (found below on this page) and load it into your MP3 player or phone before you start your workout.

This first lesson focuses solely on striking so the warm-up will require some jump rope training. Once you have a rope you’re good to go. If you simply can’t find one then I suggest running in place during the rounds designated to jumping rope.

Be sure to study the technique videos below for a few minutes each to get comfortable with the movements that you will be performing in lesson #1. The lesson should take roughly an hour to complete.

Have fun!


Here are some videos –from the program’s 18 Video “Mastering the Jump Rope” series– that will help you jump rope smoothly and comfortably:

MJR1 - Basic Jump
MJR2 - Single Leg Jumps
MJR3 - Alternating Foot Jump
MJR4 - Basic Sprint

Now the warm-up videos:

F4 - Basic Body Stretch Sequence
F3 - Leg Swing Stretch Sequence

and the video breakdowns of all the techniques you’ll be practicing in lesson #1:

S5 - Basic Punching Motion
S51 - T-Frame Drill
S2 - Acquiring the Fighting Stance
S12 - The Jab
S7 - The Cross
S13 - Jab/Cross
S45 - Rear Leg Push Kick
S31 - Lead Leg Push Kick
S17 - Jab/Cross/Jab
S11 - 4 Straight Punches
S4 - Alternating Push Kick Drill
S42 - Punchout Drill (Straight Punches)

Here’s the conditioning drill for lesson one that you’ll do at the very end of the lesson:

C6 - Quick Feet Conditioning Exercise

and lastly here’s the “Shadowfighting with Jeff” MP3 file to be used near the end of the first lesson (It’s 1 of the 12 different ones available in the full program). You just load it onto your MP3 player or phone, pop in your headphones and I’ll lead you through all 3 of your shadowfighting rounds:

Shadowfighting with Jeff – Striking #1 (Right Click/”Save As”)

That’s just the beginning of the many skills you will learn through the MMA QuickStart training program. Have fun and train hard!

If you have any questions about the lesson or MMA QuickStart Program feel free to contact me via the contact form.

For info on the complete 12 week MMA QuickStart online training program, that will teach you a ton of other MMA content including more advanced striking attacks/combinations,ground movements, takedown entries, sprawls, ground & pound attacks and more, CLICK HERE

Jeff Joslin

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